The Environmental Fund for Urban Development «ECOGOROD»

  1. A list of major background information to provide ecological justification for accommodating a facility (attached)

  2. The ecological justification is necessary for guaranteed and expeditious passage through the Moskomarchitektura procedures and obtaining a license for land use

  3. The ecological feasibility report is most useful in the following urban planning situations:

    3.1. In the territories of a natural complex (NC) and water protection areas. A preliminary survey and environmental feasibility study on compliance with Moscow City environmental standards and the Water Code of the RF would exclude costs to design incompatible location options and would save between 2 and 6 months of the project cycle.

    3.2. In constrained urban conditions. A preliminary environmental urban-planning study on compliance with environmental requirements and Moscow Construction Regulations (MGSN) 1-01-99 “Performance Requirements for Design, Planning and Development of Moscow City” would save time (between 2 and 3 months) and help avoid conflicts with supervision authorities and local people.

    3.3. Within regular sanitary protection areas and on territories of former production facilities

    A preliminary assessment of environmental issues on the territory, existing environmental constraints, actual rather than historic impacts of specified nearby facilities on the project, and approval of the boundaries of sanitary protection zones of such enterprises would allow to optimize a project cycle, cut on the time required for approvals by 6-12 months, or eliminate unjustified costs of not suitable area development options at the stage of front-end engineering.

    3.4. Location near existing or projected sources of vibration: subway, railway, trams, etc.

    Preliminary measurements, estimations and forecasts would allow to ensure optimum location and planning of a specified facility at an early stage of design work to exclude any costly means of vibration protection of buildings and separate rooms in residential, administrative, public and production buildings and, in some cases, to foresee cost-effective means of vibration protection.

    3.5. Attraction of additional financial resources in constructing and selling a facility through its environment-related publicity

  4. A list of major background information for the project section “Environmental Protection” (attached)

  5. A potential form of the sanitary environmental passport of a facility, where additional features (including those related to each floor) would be indicated, characterizing environmental condition of residential buildings and allowing a start for advertising campaign in this area (land development, building, and floor formats).

  6. Provision of “emergency environmental aid” services

    • development of ecological feasibility reports and assistance in obtaining approvals for sites on which comments were given and which were rejected by TsGSEN in Moscow City, DPiOOS, GU PR and OOS of RF MNR for Moscow City, Mosrybvod, MOBVU. Mosgosexpertiza, the Moscow Okrug Department for Technological and Environmental Supervision of FSTEAN
    • environmental surveys in connection with the construction and acceptance (control) of the facilities following the list of IGASN and at request of environmental inspections.
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