The Environmental Fund for Urban Development «ECOGOROD»


Priority Areas for Activities

  1. Front-end engineering design, acceptance and monitoring of operational construction and development sites.
  2. Survey and Assessment of the Composition and Status of Natural Complex (NC) Facilities, Given Management Regulations for Urban Planning Activities. Preparation of ecological feasibility reports on location, construction, and upgrading of various facilities in the NC territory. Development of designs for environmental revival and restoration of NC facilities, including water bodies and their water protection areas. Development of tree planting plans, preparation of lists of plants, determination of compensation cost for trees and bushes to be cut, for destroyed grass cover.

    Sanitary epidemiological, meteorological, engineering, engineering/environmental studies on the status of environmental components with a view to assess man-made impacts for preparing and making decisions regarding the construction, expansion of economic activities. Modeling and forecasting of hydrogeologic, hydrologic and aeration conditions in implementing a project. Monitoring of the condition of atmospheric air, surface waters and soils. Determination of meteorological, climatic, hydrological properties of the environment. Radioecological monitoring of environment objects; radon content determination; external radiation dose measuring; gamma spectrometry. Measurement, estimation and assessment of electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency range and commercial frequency.

    Sanitary/Environmental Studies on Soils, Earth, Demolition and Construction Wastes (Radiation, Toxicology, Bacteriology) as Part of Demolition Procedures and Front-End Engineering for Construction.

  3. Environmental design work.
  4. Development and justification of ecological specifications for location and construction of facilities in land property legalization, conducting pre-project consultations, and approving background documents, permits and licenses.

    Preparation of ecological feasibility reports and sections “Environmental Impact Assessment” and “Environmental Protection” as part of the urban-planning documents, front-end engineering, and project documents.

    Development and approval of sanitary protection zones (SPZ) of enterprises, waste disposal amounts, maximum permissible emissions (MPE) reports, maximum permissible discharge (MPD) reports.

    Acoustic measurements and estimations at the time of development and expert examination of urban-planning and project documents, during upgrading of the existing facilities. Prediction of vibrations and structural noise from the motion of rail transport and operational equipment, as well as from anticipated facilities.

  5. Ecological supervision at design and construction stages.
  6. Design Supervision in carrying out State expert examinations and approving sanitary/epidemiological and environmental sections of the projects in Moscomarkhitektura, TsGSEN in Moscow City , DP and OOS, GUPR MNR of the RF for Moscow City , MOBVU, Mosrybvod, GUP ITS (the system “Grunt” (soil), Mosgosexpertiza.

    Environmental supervision at all stages of work associated with design, construction, acceptance and operation of facilities. Development of sanitary/environmental documents for acceptance of facilities by state authorities. Ecological audit of business activities.

  7. R&D Work.
  8. Development of regulatory and methodological documents to carry out front-end engineering and sanitary/environmental surveys and build up environmental sections for various stages of project documents. From 2000, EFUD “Ecogorod” has been carrying out a research-based maintenance and publication of “The Red Book of Moscow City”.

  9. Other activities.
  10. Performance of Customer functions in respect of special-purpose sections of the environmental projects:

    • purification facilities
    • projects for land reclamation and rehabilitation
    • projects for redevelopment and landscape gardening
    • process procedures
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